Of WordCamp Harare 2019 Highlights

Love. Love this!

Becoming The Muse

WordCamp Harare was on Saturday 2 November at the Arrupe Jesuit University.

Arrupe Jesuit University

I will confess that I had never been to the university although I had been vaguely aware of it as some college of theology or philosophy but its now a fully functional University offering a host of degrees including in ICT. 

I liked the vibe of the place as I walked around thinking one day maybe I might have a center similar to this but a Blogging University for Afrobloggers offering all sorts of digital skills…. (universe make it happen)

(If you have read this far and have no idea what a WordCamp kindly check out my previous by CLICKING HERE)

Beaton Mabaso

I was the opening speaker and presented, (at least in my head); what felt like a compelling and inspiring presentation of why one should blog.

Beaton Mabaso WordCamp 2019

To Blog or Not To Blog:owning your narrative (title inspired…

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